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Ian Goldin's Globalization Speech Examines Drivers of Change in Today's World

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his globalization speech, Ian Goldin discusses drivers of change in today's world. He believes now is the best time to be alive in human history. Not just in the West, but even to be living in poverty. This is because of globalization, massive interconnectivity and easy access to information. He compares this time in history as the new Renaissance.

However, the downside of the digital revolution is the 'spread of bad.' Goldin cites the global financial crisis as an example, which he was directly involved in. Despite having access to tons of data and lots of information, the highly educated decision makers did not know what to do with the data. This highlights the importance of context.

Goldin's globalization speech goes on to list other change drivers, including migration.