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David Robinson's Readiness Speech Advocates Preventative Measures

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his readiness speech, David Robinson explores the concept of investing in preventative measures and public services rather than spending money on the negative consequences. He uses vaccinations as an example, where it is common sense to spend money on childhood immunizations, rather than pulling funding to spend more on treating children after they have gotten sick. He then compares this to prisons, asking if it is more reasonable to focus funds on preventing crime or rehabilitating criminals. He explains that while it seems like common sense, in practice, this is rarely executed.

Robinson's readiness speech advocates for establishing a culture of readiness, rather than resiliency. If people are better prepared before an obstacle occurs, the face of public service and governance would change. It would also force politicians to look at more long-term plans. While this viewpoint might not be applicable to every area of public life, it would improve the many areas of society it could work in.