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Rebecca Onie's Health Care Speech Discusses the Flaws in the System

 - Sep 27, 2013
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In her health care speech, Rebecca Onie speaks to the flawed nature of the American system. The current way of doing things is focused on managing disease, rather than promoting health. Doctors prescribe medicine like antibiotics when the root cause for many low income families is malnutrition, warmth in the winter or suitable housing. For 24,000 patients at a health clinic in Boston, there were only two social workers. According to the speaker, the United States has a sick care system, not a health care system.

She admits it is difficult to articulate one's aspirations for the system, as they would be so far removed from reality. But, if people in this industry make different choices to reach an end goal of simply being healthy, this could revolutionize things. Through her work with Health Leads, Onie's health care speech positions the clinic waiting room as a health promotion tool.