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Eric Dishman Advocates Changing the Health System in His Health Care Keynote

The current health care system around the world is largely though to be outdated and requires to be reinvented according to Eric Dishman in his health care keynote.

The current model of the modern hospital system is based on a flawed concept, which hasn't been updated since the 1700s. Current establishments require patients to listen to individual specialist, where the opportunity of misdiagnosis can take place. Dishman believes that this facet causes great detriments in providing proper health care; he advocates for a more group integrated health frame. These practices are unsustainable and unaffordable on a global scale.

Establishing a health system that's personalized to each individual is the direction that health care systems should undertake according to Dishman. Customized self-care systems must be implemented in the future to realize a more sustainable future in modern health care systems around the world.