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The Eduardo Paes Keynote Dissects the Characteristic of a Sustainable City

 - May 1, 2012
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From the mayor of Rio de Janeiro comes this Eduardo Paes keynote. Discussing the ways he has worked to drastically transform his city for the better, he introduces the audience to what he argues are the four commandments for cities of the future.

The first commandment is that a city of the future has to be eco-friendly; creating a sustainable environment for populations to live is crucial.

Next, he discusses the need for a city to create high capacity transportation; the mobility and integration of a city's people plays an integral role in its sustainability.

The third commandment outlined in the Eduardo Paes keynote is a commitment to socially integrating favelas -- shanty towns in Brazil -- through education and public services.

The fourth commandment is related to technology; technology enables its community to stay connected despite being separated.