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Edward Glaeser Discusses the Prosperity Differences From City to City

 - Feb 23, 2012
References: economics.harvard.edu & youtube
Throughout this keynote, Edward Glaeser offers a hugely dynamic opinion on business and economics, drawing on both contemporary and historical perspectives. As a Professor at Harvard University, Glaeser has the opportunity to frequently broaden his view points. This speech explore his ideological approach to the relationship between economics and social depth and development.

Glaeser argues that human innovation allows for global and local lifestyles to evolve. He goes on to explain why he believes location effects human prosperity and inspiration, drawing on the human nature to thrive as social beings. Despite globalization technologies, cities are still placed at the centre and heart of revolutionary change. Cities allows for the the body language of comprehension of confusion to occur in economics, and don't leave populations fallen in the masses of misunderstanding. Cities act as a grounding point for new beginnings and opportunity.