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Edward Glaeser Discusses the Avoidance of Urban Living

 - Apr 5, 2012
References: hks.harvard.edu & youtube
Edward Glaeser is a professor at Harvard University, lecturing on topics from social economics to economics within religion and more. Glaeser has a contemporary perspective on business, drawing on both a traditional and contemporary point of view.

As he explains in this speech, American cities have been played down as ugly stepchildren. As social species, we are more biologically likely to thrive in an urban atmosphere because of the human ability to work together. However, there is this constant message that living in a suburban or rural area is more virtuous than living in a city. America has fetishized home ownership, and left inner city schooling underdeveloped. Meanwhile, the cultural life of cities is enthralling and has the potential to foster creative thinkers and effective educational experiences.