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Robert Neuwirth Discusses the Thriving Innovation in Squatter Sites

 - Feb 3, 2012
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Robert Neuwirth, the author of 'Shadow Cities,' discusses the many statistics associated with squatter sites, examining a belief that states how these impoverished slums will become the cities of the future.

With a billion people inhabiting them, these squatter sites are thriving with innovation and ideas. From home improvement to weather-proofing, simple everyday tasks prove to show the adaptability of the people living in these communities.

From the Favelas of Brazil to the slums of Africa, Mumbai and Istanbul, these densely populated areas are sure to become the cities of the future, evolving into what the author calls "the new urban world." Neuwirth recalls a quote from his book, recalling the words of an African man who states that once one has stayed in a slum, they are left there, unable to leave the place that changed them.