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Judith Rodin's Resilience Keynote Speech Discusses Adapatability

The importance of continual flexibility as a crucial aspect to to initiatives is graciously outlined in this resilience keynote speech by the eloquent Judith Rodin.

Dr. Rodin's keynote focuses on the concept of developing long term capacity with a central focus on resilience. She begins with her definition of the word resilience, to clarify for the purpose of her argument: "the capacity of individuals, communities and systems to survive adapt and grow in the face of changes, even catastrophic incidents."

Her argument is based on four characteristics of resilience cleverly stated with alliteration. They include robustness, redundancy, resourcefulness and rapidity. These central values are the helm of adaptable recovery and beneficiary to the respective communities that adhere to them. Dr. Rodin's outline of resilience as a value can be helpful even on a micro-level as its central ethos doubles to encourage exemplary worth ethic.