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Marc and Craig Kielburger's Social Change Speech Outlines Three Laws

 - Sep 10, 2013
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In their social change speech at We Day, Marc and Craig Kielburger outline the three laws of creating change while tying it back to their charity's campaigns like We Create Change. Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner whose signature youth empowerment event We Day celebrates the local and global actions young people take through their schools. Free the Children's holistic and sustainable development model Adopt A Village works to break the cycle of poverty by removing the barriers that prevent developing communities from accessing education.

In their social change speech, the Kielburger brothers outline the three laws global citizens and change makers follow in bringing about social good. This includes the law of the few, the law of will and the law of we. Their keynote cites historical examples like the Little Rock Nine, Nellie McClung and Ghandi, while also encouraging and celebrating young people who have been involved in their initiatives.