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Jake Porway Explores How Data Scientists Can Contribute to Social Change

 - Dec 31, 2011
References: jakeporway & youtu.be
Data scientist Jake Porway explores how he and his fellow peers can contribute toward social change. Jake begins by examining current data with data of the past by comparing video stores with Netflix. When looking at advancements in data collections, the specialist discovers that we have used our knowledge to create simple apps instead of fulfilling inventions.

We are making our comfortable lives that much more comfortable instead of aiding in social good. Porway talks about social organizations who are aiming to change the world and help others. These organizations have large amounts of data at their disposal but lack the necessary resources to delve deeper into their research and humanitarian work.

Jake Porway believes that a collaboration between data scientists and social organizations can help maximize humanitarian impact. Managing data and collaborating with these organizations would ultimately allow data scientists to use their knowledge for social good, allowing people to use data to create a better world.