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This Nancy Lublin Keynote Reveals the Pros of a Crisis Text Hotline

 - May 6, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Nancy Lublin keynote, the CEO of talks about the potential for texting to be more than just a way for teenagers to send notes to each other. With the average teenager sending roughly 3,339 to 4,000 texts a month it's obvious that text messaging is the more effective way to communicate with teenage youth. Lublin notes that texting has a 100 percent open rate and is 11 times more powerful than email.

The idea for a crisis text hotline came as a result of sending teenagers messages for social change and in turn receiving texts concerning bullying and rape. Besides providing valuable census material, a crisis text hotline would allow teenagers to utilize something they are familiar with from a private setting in order to reach out to those who can properly aid them through difficult times.