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May El-Khalil is a sports official from Lebanon, and a speaker devoted to promoting peace in the... Need Inspiration?

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May El-Khalil’s Running for Peace Speech Discusses the Beirut Mar

 - Aug 19, 2013
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Speaker May El-Khalil shares her belief that peace can be created, if only for a day, in this running for peace speech. El-Khalil talks about the Beirut Marathon, which is now the largest marathon in the Middle East. Though Lebanon is in an unstable part of the world, for one day a year countless people set aside their differences to run for change.

El-Khalil explains that the annual marathon has helped to raise money for various causes, including cancer. She believes that this marathon is only the beginning in terms of creating peace in the Middle East. She tells the audience that the Beirut Marathon has helped to create some future leaders and innovators. There’s something inspiring about a large group of people putting their political beliefs aside and running together, side by side.