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This Fighting with Non-Violence Keynote by Scilla Elworthy is Wise

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: youtube & scillaelworthy
The fighting with non-violence keynote by Scilla Elworthy focuses on a peaceful way to solve some of the world's biggest problems. Scilla Elworthy is a peace activist who describes the skills necessary to deal with an opponent effectively without using violent force.

The key to incredible force is to use none at all, and Scilla calls on heroes from the past who have changed the world through peaceful protests. Scilla was curious about violence, and the way it worked. On this path to discovery, she identified three ways that bullies use violence, which are political violence, physical violence and mental or emotional violence.

The fighting with non-violence keynote describes the peaceful actions needed to make change. People need to develop self-knowledge about themselves before they can successfully act in non-violent ways.