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The Jody Williams Peace Speech Encourages People to Come Together

The Jody Williams Peace Speech gives a realistic view on what peace should be. She says that sustainable peace would have to support justice and equality. The majority of people should have access to enough resources, education and health care, allowing them to live dignified lives. These should be the rights of every person and as she says, they make up basic human security.

She says that Military and police should only be used for defense. Instead of focusing investment on weapons and war, money should be spent on making countries more secure. Williams points out that too much money is going towards modernizing weapons, when this is a completely unnecessary cost and could easily be used in a much better way.

Williams focuses on the importance of action to bring about change. She shares stories of many different women who have taken action for peace. She points out that women around the world are working together to change human rights and to bring democracy to their countries. She says that these women recognize that if they work together, they will eventually bring change to their own homeland.

The importance and issue that she focuses on in her keynote is that people must join together and take action in order to bring about change and as she says, "reclaim the meaning of peace."