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Anthony Cohen's Social Network Paradigm Speech Introduces MyGenie

 - Nov 27, 2013
Anthony Cohen introduces the concept of "everyoneism" in his social network paradigms speech. 'Everyoneism' is meant to be a response to the short-comings of democracy (which is subject to the desires of corporations that fund political parties) and capitalism (responsible for increasing wealth disparity).

To influence change in our flawed democratic and capitalistic systems, Cohen suggests that we have to alter the way we disseminate knowledge and company law. However, since company law is more difficult to change, Cohen suggests focusing on how we spread information. His solution is a content-filtered social network called 'Mygenie,' which differs from other networking sites by turning information into knowledge using personal interest and relevancy filters. These filters change how we process information, so it's more likely to have a long-lasting impact.

Moreover, the site is equipped with a currency system based on participation that be redeemed for goods and services. This feature effectively shifts the value to our contributions, rather than monetary appraisal.