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Philip Evans Sheds Light on the Economy in This Informative Business Speech

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: bcg & youtube
Philip Evans gives an informative talk on the future of business based on two withstanding theories that appear to be irrelevant in today's business world: value chains and stacks.

Value chains and stacks are activities and theories that have a firm setup in a specific industry, and are intended to deliver a valuable product or service to the market. These two in conjunction used to only be accessible by organizations. Now value chains can be recognized and used by autonomous people, allowing us to do things that were once only done by co-operations. The second phase of the Internet is allowing more access to user-generated content, turning the Internet into pages of conversation.

These new tendencies seen in the economy are requiring a certain unprecedented cooperation amongst competitors. The autonomous person is doing things online -- with the given information -- that we once thought was only possible by companies. This is giving a different role for the public, allowing more accessibility for consumers to gauge their own market and thus change the roles of businesses.