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Terry O'reilly Gives a Great Talk About Persuasion

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: terryoreilly & youtube
In an insightful talk about persuasion and marketing, Terry O'Reilly discusses what he believes to be an important, but seldom talked about aspect of human nature, and that is our need for friction.

It is O'Reilly's contention that in certain instances, people not only want, but need friction as it relates to the process of buying a product or idea. O'Reilly uses several different examples in order to make his point. One of them looked at an on ointment that healed without pain, and though sales spiked initially, they soon dropped off. The reason for the drop off was that people didn't believed it worked, because it didn't hurt. In other words, they needed friction.

Friction can be a powerful tool in persuasion, it can be used to establish credibility and also as a way to guide customers. Terry O'Reilly's many examples helped to underscore the central tenant of his talk about persuasion, "that the study of human nature is the business of marketers."