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Alex Laskey's Behavior Control Speech Showcases the Power of Peer Pressure

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: ted & youtube
Alex Laskey's behavior control speech showcases the power of social dynamics can have on society.

The most used energy sources in the planet are environmentally detrimental, fiscally impractical and highly inefficient. In his behavior control speech, Laskey discusses how a small town's energy consumption was decreased with the use of societal pressures. By introducing certain societal facets to individuals, one has the capability to influence and even alter a practiced behavior in society. Societal influence is a powerful tool in terms of altering human social behavior according to Laskey in this behavior control speech.

Moral persuasion and financial incentives aren't as powerful as generally believed. Social pressure is facet of human behavior, which is more powerful than those two factors of sociology according to Laskey.