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During This Spiritual Talk Rick Warren Discusses Fulfillment

 - May 16, 2013
References: ted
There is a big difference between living life and simply existing, which is what Rick Warren discusses during this enlightening spiritual talk. Looking at the number of people dealing with what he calls a "crisis of purpose," he draws the conclusion that there is more to life than just surviving and he wants individuals to find their purpose. By using our talents and influences to do good, Warren believes that people can feel fulfilled and live happy lives.

During this enlightening spiritual talk, Rick Warren highlights tree types of living. He says there is survival living, successful living and significance living. Rick Warren says that when people find out what their world view is and why exactly they believe it they can begin to achieve significant living. An individual's world view determines your decisions, your relationships, your behaviors and basically every part of your life. The first step towards figuring out why you are on this earth is to figure out what your world view is.

During this enlightening spiritual talk Pastor Rick Warren becomes a voice of reason and clarity. He urges individuals to apply the values of his faith to issues such as global poverty, HIV/AIDS and injustice.