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This Stephen Prothero Speech Outlines the Controversy of Spirituality

 - Apr 14, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtube
This Stephen Prothero speech explores the ever present complication of religion in politics. Prothero is a global expert on religion, educator and best-selling author.

Prothero explores the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Barack Obama. It is evident that the politics of the United States is centrally based in religion. This is a dangerous concept, especially upon the consideration of religious literacy. The majority of Americans spend little to no effort to educate themselves and become knowledgable of any religion beyond their own.

The private-public divide is being crossed with the discussion of God in a public spaced. In addition, the use of religion as a rhetorical tool is slick and often used in bad taste or misinterpreted. However, 95% of voters believe in God and are influenced by the discussion of faith.