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Andrew Coyne Discusses the Deep-Rooted Political Landscape in Canada

 - Jan 25, 2012
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In this speech, Canadian journalist and former national editor of Maclean's Magazine Andrew Coyne discusses the political landscape of Canada. He describes elections and politics in Canada as very unpredictable.

While Andrew Coyne asserts to holding no specific predictions for the federal election of 2008, he does discuss the importance of recognizing the deep structural weaknesses built into the country's political parties that date as far back as fifty years. He argues that what Canadians are witnessing in Canadian politics today can be traced back to failures and breakdown from half a century ago.

Andrew Coyne concludes his speech by remarking that the notion that a party cannot have an influence unless it is in power is significantly overstated. He argues that losing an election affords a party the opportunity to rebuild, while winning can result in complacency.