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David Trimble Discusses the Most Effective Strategies For Ending Conflict

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtu.be
In this speech, David Trimble discusses the most effective ways to approach political conflict. As a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to Norther Ireland, David Trimble has plenty of experience and knowledge relating to global conflicts. In this particular speech, he applies his expertise to the conflict plaguing the Middle East.

David Trimble strongly believes that in order to successfully bring peace to any conflict, one has to fully understand the situation; by this he means that one has to be aware of the conflict's causes, conditions and participants. He also adamantly cautions the involvement of religion when trying to bring peace between two groups. It is exceedingly difficult and dangerous to categorize a dispute in a religious context because religion is a subject that does not tolerate any compromises.