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Kal Penn Discusses Reductionist Perceptions Created by Hollywood

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtu.be
In this speech, actor and politician Kal Penn discusses popular stereotypes in American society. Kal Penn begins his speech by describing the platform of entertainment -- film, television, media -- as one that can generate both positive and negative results. While the media can broadcast a message that will reach millions of individuals, that message can often be offensive or inaccurate.

Kal Penn argues that such a high volume of stereotyping means that there is no consensus on how individuals view themselves and other groups. Penn then tackles various Indian-specific stereotypes in America and argues that they are exceedingly reductionist and that society lacks a fundamental understanding of the people with whom they live and interact on a daily basis. Kal Penn predicts a future in which politicians will have to be much more aware of perceived ethnicity versus perceived nationality.