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The Julia Bacha speeches are focused on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict in the Middle East. She...

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Julia Bacha Defines the Media's Role in Perpetuating Global Conflict

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: justvision.org & youtu.be
Julia Bacha is an award-winning filmmaker who devotes her career to documenting the Israelis and Palestinians struggling to end the conflict that plagues their country. During her speech, she plays a variety of inspiring clips portraying a peaceful resistance movement in the Palestinian village of Budrus that succeeded in terminating the construction of a roadblock. Julia Bacha asks why the media failed to cover this story and instead persistently chooses to cover the stories portraying conflict, warfare and destruction. Julia Bacha strongly believes in the potential of nonviolence and peaceful resistance having a positive impact on the country and its political problems. While her speech is inspiring, it also sheds light onto a very important issue, being that the media today plays an influential role in politics.