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Paddy Ashdown Shares Three Predictions for the Future's Political Landscape

 - Jan 14, 2012
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In this speech, former member of the British Parliament Paddy Ashdown discusses the future landscape of international politics. Paddy Ashdown predicts that new power relations are steadily taking shape and these changes will bring three very significant transformations.

Paddy Ashdown argues that the world will soon experience both horizontal and vertical shifts of power. As the globalization of power continues to increase at a rapid rate, it is crucial that those rising to power be held accountable to a rule of law at a global level. He argues that institutions such as the United Nations will not be capable of governing this new power shift, but instead suggests the creation of treaty-based organizations as a viable solution.

Paddy Ashdown also predicts a multipolar world in which countries and governments with different values will be forced to work together. He follows this point by emphasizing the importance of interconnection between not only countries, but also individuals. Everything and everyone will be connected more than ever.