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Jamais Cascio's World Improving Speech Discusses Strategies for the Future

 - May 31, 2013
References: worldchanging & youtube
The current problems of the world can be resolved immediately, according to Jamais Cascio in his people world improving speech.

There are many difficulties that society faces. Cascio showcases some instruments and techniques people can utilize to create a better world. Improving the world is what most people want. Responding to the world's dilemmas successfully is attainable according to Cascio. The tools for providing for betterment are already at people's disposal.

It often noted that by focusing on the negative outcome of an action, individuals are blinded by the possibility of success. There need to be a better means of documentation about the events of the world that cause problems to help create solution for those problems. For individuals to change their behavior they must first be introduced to the type of destructive behavior that they've become a part of.