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Amy Walgenbach Talks the Power of Google Plus in Her Google Plus Presentation

 - May 22, 2013
References: youtube
Developing an audience is integral for any brand or company as Amy Walgenbach discusses in this Google Plus presentation.

Since the majority of the world's search queries are done on Google, it's important to grow a large number of followers on the Google Plus platform. This is crucial because it influences the query results of individuals that follow a Google Plus page. Having an active page on Google Plus will influence the factors of search queries of people that follow a brand or a person, which is similar to influencing Google algorithms. An active Google Plus page will showcase a compelling search display that features aggregate and trending activities on the brand or company's Google page.

Walgenbach discusses how integral it is to have Google Plus integrated into a company website, because it influences the drivability of traffic to a website or page.