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Daniel Dennett Discusses Progression of Beliefs in a Religion Future Speech

 - May 26, 2013
References: ase.tufts.edu & youtube
Daniel Dennett discusses the imminent changes that will take place in religions around the world in this religion future speech.

The current influence of religion is powerful, but the past years have showcased how that power has dimmed. Most religious institutions are going to be reformatted according to Dennett. This change is imminent and will cause many societal reconstructions. Dennett showcases several examples of how religion eventually diverges into an obsolete form of worship.

Dennett believes that in the future the reshaping of religions will eventually result in the integration of one secular belief system, but one that doesn't adhere to hypocrisy, prejudices and biased notions of creationism. It will retain all the positive connotations of all religions, but instead of taking form as religion it becomes a form of mass ideology.