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This Economic Keynote by Ken Banks Discusses Ways to Break Free

 - May 16, 2013
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In this economic keynote, Ken Banks draws your attention as he asks what is the real value we place on money and what does that really mean for the future? He also discusses what needs to be done in order to break away from the control the monetary system seemingly has over almost everything.

Ken first discusses the current state of the world by saying that we are living in a time of economic crisis. He believes that money forms the basis of our lives and because it plays such a heavy role, people are hurting and communities are suffering. This is apparent when we look at unemployment rates and the number of family businesses shutting down all around.

Ken's economic keynote suggests that people think about earlier means of exchange such as swapping and barbering. For example, instead of going out and buying a drill when you need one Ken points out that a better idea would be to borrow the tool for the time it is needed thus saving money and waste.

The importance lies in capturing peoples attention and using social media to better communicate with people about what needs to happen. With this, hopefully communities will reconnect with local businesses and local resources so individuals can break free and live a more sustainable lifestyle.