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During This World Issues Keynote Bjorn Lomborg Ranks Solutions

 - May 16, 2013
References: lomborg & ted
During this world issues keynote Bjorn Lomborg talks dealing with the problems in the world in a new way. He proposes that we prioritize the problems of the world and ranks them according to importance. He then suggests we look for ways to solve these issues while using as little resources as possible to make the biggest impact. He believes this is the only way to tackle the issues that need it the most first. With focusing on finding solutions to the right problems people can do more good for less.

Bjorn Lomborg admits that it is impossible to fix every problem in the world, but he also states that solving every problem is not what needs to happen in order to see big changes. This world issues keynote focuses on prioritizing the many problems into lists, ranking which ones should we fix first. Lomborg summarized this list of priorities and suggests that e could make the world a better place by spending $50 billion dollars as long as the money was prioritized properly.