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David Eagleman Discusses Decision-Making In This Neuroscience Speech

 - May 2, 2013
References: eagleman & poptech.org
During this neuroscience speech, David Eagleman discusses the important roll played by the invisible actions of the unconscious brain when it comes to decision-making in everything we do in life.

The unconscious brain has a serious effect on thousands of decisions we make everyday. Humans are positively attracted to things that remind them of themselves. This characteristic is referred to as implicit egotism. Eagleman explains this when he says that we are all statistically more likely to choose a spouse with a name that starts with the same letter as our own.

During this neuroscience speech, Eagleman offers many interesting examples of the subconscious brain at work. In a particularly surprising study, it was discovered that if someone is holding a cup of hot coffee, they will describe their relationship with their mother as closer than if they were holding an ice coffee.

David Eagleman also talks about the serious and negative effect brain tumors have on the unconscious decisions-making process of the brain. He reminds us that the brain is always changing which means that we are always changing because we are tied to our biology.