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This Education System Speech by Seth Godin Explores Teaching Practices

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: youtube
This education system speech by Seth Godin explores the reason behind schooling and where education is heading in the future.

Godin discusses how historically, education and the school system was mainly based around respect and obedience. During the Industrial Age, in order to gain more employees who would work obediently and for little pay, factory owners turned to public education, who shifted its structure toward training children to be able to work in the factory.

Godin explains that when it comes to work, people instinctually always try to do less than they have to, compared to art where they try to do more. It is because we put children through the behaviorally structured school system where teachers are constantly trying to get them to comply and conform, that they end up holding back their talent and passion. Therefore, we're currently at a unique point in history where education is clashing with society in terms of what is being taught and what really matters.