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Sebastian Deterding on Intentions & Effects in this Moral Persuasion Keynote

 - Jun 5, 2012
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In this Moral Persuasion Keynote, Sebatian Deterding talks about the questions and concerns that should determine how something is designed. Asking the question of what is moral or immoral when trying to influence something through design, Deterding illustrates key areas where what may seem ethical can actually be detrimental.

Websites that encourage people to constantly think about how one appears in the public eye with regards to recognition or status are endorsing a method of persuasion that revolves around anxiety and constant self-editing. Hence, the intention and effects (intended or unintended) behind the design of particular models need to be taken into account.

Sebatian Deterding also discusses the need to consider the values being used to judge a particular design as well as the virtues and aspirations that are being expressed through that design.