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This Scott Summit Keynote Addresses the Issue of Mass Production

 - Apr 18, 2012
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In this Scott Summit keynote video, the founder and chief technology officer of Bespoke Innovations discusses the importance of creating personalized prosthetic limbs for amputees. The ex-industrial designer talks about the difference between identical and impersonal mass-produced products versus something that is authentic and made exclusively for one individual.

While generic prosthetic limbs are brilliant, mechanical utilitarian products lack any sense of beauty, elegance or individual qualities. Scott Summit argues that the "body isn't a mechanical entity where only mechanical structures can solve their problems."

Designing with the body in mind rather than mass production allows somebody to connect with something that will be a part of them. Bespoke Innovation designs prosthetic limbs with the idea of embodying the qualities that best captures and expresses a person's individual personality.