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Rick Kirschner Discusses the Steps to Becoming Influential

 - Mar 5, 2012
References: theartofchange & youtube
Rick Kirschner is a founding partner of R&R Productions, a consultation firm for communication and healthy living. He offers expert advice on the art of communication, and having impacting rhetorical practices. His engaging presentation gives viewers the understanding necessary for reaching goals and becoming influential.

Persuasion is deliberately attempting to effect someone's behavior. Kirschner shares seven key steps to better persuasive and honest communication. Dr. Kirschner suggests beginning at the end. He instructs his audience to visualize what they would like to happen, whether in the short or long run, and to always keep that in mind. To keep focus in discussion, he suggests keeping in mind why you care. This will allow you to remain motivated, and in a learning mode instead of a reactionary mode. He also invites viewers to consider why the person being persuaded will care. Before beginning a discussion, you must consider their self-interest and values.