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Nancy Duarte Discusses the Hidden Code to Great Communication

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: blog.duarte & youtube
Nancy Duarte is a communication expert with a passion for memorable conversation tactics. Her company, Duarte, Inc. specializes in visual presentations and entertainment rhetoric. By taking advantage of a story-telling model, communication becomes more human and more engaging. In expressing a beginning, middle and end of information, an idea will become more tangible.

Duarte makes an effective argument for the art of communication as the most successful means of persuasion. When there's a big idea to be sold, the means of presentation is key to positive outcomes. By embracing resistance, the way a sail boat embraces wind, conversation can say more in less; argumentation becomes subtle and effective. Enticing a person with concise, yet memorable presentations of data can make the difference between reaching goals and exceeding them.