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Bruce Los's Business Growth Speech Looks at Going from Good to Great

 - Oct 17, 2013
In his business growth speech, West Michigan community leader Bruce Los puts forth the idea that there is a formula to take companies from good to great. This formula has five points, which include personal passion, cross roads, data and ownership. While Los focuses on formulaic greatness, he mentions firms focus on growth rather than doing good.

He cites Warren Buffet's concept of durable competitive advantage, where a company with a differentiating factor makes them stand out in their field and gives them staying power. He also explains Fred Bauer's principle of solving big problems people will pay to have fixed. Combining these two ideas results in greatness and growth as well.

The business growth speech also draws on Los's personal experiences. He shares a timeline he created that compares happiness over time and challenges the audience to create their own timelines. This practice is relevant in terms of pursuing one's passion and leading with vision.