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Susan Solovic Talks Hardships in Her Women in Business Keynote

 - Feb 8, 2014
References: susansolovic & youtube
Susan Solovic's women in business keynote discusses the difficulties most women face upon entering the world of business. She herself is an expert on running a small business and knows the hardships of running one's own venture and making sure it creates a profit.

Solovic goes on to sum up the issues women face with a humorous story about a dead businesswomen waiting for entry into Heaven. After Saint Peter rejects both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, he happily welcomes the woman into heaven upon hearing she was a business owner. When the woman asks why she was let in so easily, Saint Peter replies "As a woman business owner, I figure you've already been to Hell and back."

Susan Solovic's women in business keynote acknowledges these hardships that women face, and encourages them to keep going and work through the hard times they will face.