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Sverre Haugen's Successful Networking Talk Explores Daily Choices

 - Oct 22, 2013
In his successful networking talk, Sverre Haugen offers tips on what makes a business network functional while also giving five choices individuals can make on a daily basis to strengthen their personal network. He asserts networking is not about what one gets, but about what he or she gives.

He explains how humans evolved and their genetic predisposition to establish mutually beneficial relationships. He defines these primitive networks as a group of people where one can give away his or her resources without losing them. In present day, these associations are also based on power, influence and opportunities but are still driven by the same psychological forces.

To have a successful network, there must be teamwork and trust, economic balance and control. He positions the principle of reciprocity at the center of this. Haugen also explores the five choices one can make on an individual level in his successful networking talk.