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Daymond John Shares His Knowledge in His Talk on Marketing

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: daymondjohn & youtube
In his frank and open talk on marketing, entrepreneur and fashion mogul Daymond John discusses the approach young entrepreneurs should be taking in the early phases of starting their marketing campaign.

John first explains the difference between marketing and advertising–an important concept many young entrepreneurs fail to grasp. Advertising is an aspect of marketing, where you buy space in order to promote your product. Marketing is a wider term encompassing all the ways in which you go about getting your message out there. For entrepreneurs, marketing will be about trial and error in the beginning. Since you’re not a known quantity, it’s okay to make mistakes as you do not have a reputation to protect yet, so try to be creative. He also states that is in marketing where you’ll discover and build "your brand's DNA."

Daymond John also shares a few personal stories in his talk on marketing to help illustrate his points. As a young business, it is best to market locally to help develop your skills, better understand your market, and discover and shape what you want your brand to be about.