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Mitch Joel's Social Media Marketing Keynote Discusses Google

 - Sep 11, 2012
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In this social media marketing keynote, Mitch Joel discusses the transformation that the world of marketing has experienced thanks to the increasing presence of the web and social media. Joel is the president of the award-winning digital marketing and communications agency known as Twist Image. His speech highlights how there is no opportunity for brands to avoid hopping on the social media bandwagon, unless they are expecting to fail.

Revealing that 81 percent of online holiday shoppers read online customer reviews, he explains how consumers are now able to access a wide range of information on brands, products and services without the interference of companies. Quoting Chris Anderson from Wired Magazine, he explains how a brand is no longer what it says it is, but what Google says it is.

Joel's social media marketing keynote encourages its members to embrace the Internet as it is highly unlikely that consumers are going to give up the power it gives them.