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Jennifer Aaker's Social Marketing Speech Explains Social's Power

 - Jan 21, 2014
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The social marketing speech by Jennifer Aaker is an inspiring discussion on the ways social media can be utilized to enact positive social change. Many individuals argue that social media enables the disconnecting between people and communities but Aaker's stories paint another story.

She shares the story of two young men who took to social media to beat their 1 in 20,000 chances of finding a bone marrow match. They were successful in finding matches, despite passing away after tragic relapses. Aaker shares their story, however, to showcase the possibilities of bringing people together through personal meaning and storytelling on social networks.

Networks like Twitter offer social change in a box. Through a focused story with personal meaning, people can make a difference, motivate people to join in and be influential.

Her social marketing speech is optimistic and effectively showcases the positive sides to social media.