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Edward Norton's 'Crowdrise' Speech on Fundraising Online

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: crowdrise & youtu.be
Actor Edward Norton discusses using social media platforms to make donations in this 'Crowdrise' speech. Norton is the co-creator of a site called Crowdrise, which combines the personality and appeal of social media platforms with fundraising. The site allows anyone to start fundraising for a cause of their choosing.

Norton noticed that social networking is huge right now, so many people are connected to various social media platforms. While there are sites that allow for people to set up donations online, there were no sites that really enticed people to donate. He and a partner created Crowdrise to combine social networking with fundraising in an engaging way.

Crowdrise appeals to social media users looking to raise money or donate. This innovation in fundraising attracts more attention than other online methods.