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Dan Pallotta Discusses Change in a Charity Innovation Keynote

 - Mar 12, 2013
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Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta discusses the myths of the non-profit world in his charity innovation keynote. He argues that the things we've been taught to believe about charities like how they work and the effectiveness of fundraising, are wrong and create roadblocks to actually making a difference. These beliefs are undermining the causes we love and people's profound yearning to change the world.

Pallotta explains that in over 40 years, the non-profit sector has not been able to wrestle away any share from the for-profit sector and a lot of this has to do with overhead rules and donation caps. Risk in this sector is negatively viewed. He suggests that this prohibition of failure stifles innovation, in turn stifling growth.

He believes that the scale of companies' and charities' goals need to be taken into account more and rewarded.