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Lori Butterworth is the founder of multiple non-profit organizations, which she has given keynotes...

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Lori Butterworth Gives an Inspiring Non-Profit Speech

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: chpcc.org & youtu.be
Speaker Lori Butterworth discusses why volunteering and donating is so important in this non-profit speech. Butterworth is the founder of -- not one -- but two non-profits.

When a friend's son was diagnosed with cancer, Butterworth threw a party to try and raise money for the family. It's hard to be diagnosed with cancer, but it's harder to go through it alone. Butterworth and friends raised enough money for this boy's mother to quit her job and stay by his side through his treatment. Butterworth was so moved by this mother's gratitude that she began a non-profit organization to help families in the same situation. This organization is called 'Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Association.' Without the help of non-profit organizations like this one, Butterworth points out that many families would not receive the financial and emotional support they need in a time of crisis.

Butterworth encourages people to donate to these worthy causes and volunteer their time if possible. She stresses the importance of showing people compassion and support in their time of need.