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This Iain Hamp Speech Explores the Efforts to Encourage Community Building

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: linkedin & youtube
This Iain Hamp speech outlines the orientation of an effort to equip volunteerism. Hamp is a founding board member of the Phoenix Community ToolBank.

Hamp recalls his first encounter with the concept of tool banks. The concept is simple and easily achievable. Based through a non-profit model, a grass roots company rents tools and supplies to local volunteer groups in their efforts to revitalize the community. The idea of a tool bank is a one-stop shop, to pick up mulch, volunteer tees, snacks and the like.

In addition to aiding currently operating volunteer groups, the idea also encourages the creation of new groups. The ease of renting tools lowers costs, divisions of management and makes for smoother operations.