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Leslie Grossman's Personal Network Talk Explains Important Entourages

 - Oct 13, 2013
References: lesliegrossmanleadership & youtu.be
Leslie Grossman's personal network talk describes the value of having an entourage. Rather than a one sided group where all the attention is focused on one person, like a celebrity, the speaker defines an entourage as a group of people you can trust, similar to the Seinfeld gang or the solar system. Her book 'Link Out' explores how all successful leaders had an entourage of their own who they collaborated with. The author posits it is an entourage, not one's skills or smarts, that is the key to success.

An entourage offers great advice, allows one to meet new people, champions your success and offers fulfillment. To grow one's entourage, have a vision, share it and link out. In her personal network talk, Grossman celebrates looking for ways to collaborate, rather than for ways to compete. She also asks everyone take the time to make new connections and to share success on social media.