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Katharina Sand's Future of Fashion Talk Discusses a Merging of the Worlds

 - Nov 2, 2013
References: youtu.be
In her future of fashion talk, Katharina Sand discusses how to best combine fashion and technology. She positions fashion as identity and an industry with cultural significance. The clothes people wear allow them to express themselves by fitting in or standing out.

She goes on to explain the positive and negative ways fashion and technology come together. Social media democratizes fashion while online shopping makes wider apparel choices available to a variety of consumers. However, she warns against crowd sourcing fashion, asking why one would want to crowd source their own identity. Sand's future of fashion talk discusses how technology and clothing can come together and be disruptive. This can be in the form of fitness or art. She uses the human harp as an example, as well as the work of a designer whose pieces come alive when they are observed.