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Abe Burmeister Shows Punk Rock Attitude In This Business Ethic Keynote

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: vimeo
Founder of Outlier Abe Burmeister delivers this Business Ethic Keynote for the PSFK Conference NYC. Inspired by just needing a pair of pants that were durable enough to ride a bike in, Burmeister took it upon himself and ended up creating an incredible fashion brand. Despite having no prior fashion experience, through the use of the web and intensive research in New York's garment district, Burmeister and his business partner Tyler were able to channel a punk-rock ethic to sell online.

The company found that a well designed product sells itself. The performance fashion became extremely bloggable due its durability and connection to the web. Burmeister believes that there is an opening in making quality goods, because people responded to clothing with stories as opposed to cheap disposable items

The Internet is changing the way products can be sold because it provides a connection to the end user. By changing the business model there is the ability to build products cheaper and sell them internationally.